1. How long does it take for my items to arrive (Shipping)?

On average to the United States, a package can take 10-20 days to arrive from the date of shipment. Other countries may see similar or slightly longer average shipping time.

2. How can I pay using my credit card (Payment Option)?

You can use the paypal express checkout also to pay using credit cards.

3. How can we track our items?

You can track your package here https://www.17track.net/en

4. Are items sold in this website new?

Yes. All products are new and carefully picked by Woof Armory team.

5. Can I return an item?

Yes. As long as the packaging is not damaged, the invoice is not destroyed, and the item is in mint condition and is not used yet, you may request for a return.

6. I ordered multiple items but only received a package with one product in it!

No worries, if you purchase multiple items we will sometimes ship them separately so that they can get to you as fast as possible. You should receive your other items shortly and follow the individual tracking numbers for each product that was emailed to you.

7. How about a refund.

Please see our refund policy.

8. I have suggestions. Do you have a contact number?

Feel free to send your suggestions/comments/queries to generalsupport@woofarmory.com